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TVP Polonia about Share.P solutions!

We are not slowing down, this time we were visited by the editors of “Kierunek Zachód” from TVP Polonia.    Mateusz Wojdyło talks about choosing Switzerland as the beginning of a start-up and shows how it is revolutionising parking spaces!   The material is now available: TVP Polonia   #ShareP #startup #parking #revolution #television #TVP […]

One hour of parking in the centre of Wrocław for free!

Just use the Share.P app and scan the QR code at the entrance to Arkady Wrocławskie. The first free hour of parking will be charged automatically! In addition, thanks to the new system, you will pay by card in the app. Save time and money, together with Share.P! Parkuj z Share.P! #Parking #centre #Wroclaw #Market #ShareP  

Look out for deals, parking is handled by Share.P!

Hunting for the biggest discounts? Don’t get ahead of yourself and park in the Arkady Wroclawskie with the app. No more searching for a parking cashier or cash – use a digital ticket!   Black Friday doesn’t always mean queues! Check out Share.P!   #Black #Friday #parking #CH #Arkady #Wrocławskie #ticket #parking #deals #savings  […]

We don’t stop

After being invited by Innosuisse to pitch at the Smart City Summit in City of Biel, we consider this event a great success!   So many municipalities and big companies gathered in the same place to talk about agglomeration issues and look for solutions through technology. Many thanks to Innobridge SA for this opportunity. We […]

Home charging station for an electric vehicle

Electric cars are steadily increasing their market share. This is a revolution that is happening right here and right now. Owning an electric car no longer necessarily means being interested in the technology – more and more people are choosing it because of the benefits. For private individuals, a charging station at home – such […]

Return to school by bike!

We are seeing an increase in the number of cycle paths around – why not use them to get to school! It’s an environmentally friendly means of transport that also improves our health. ??   Leaving your bike at school can be easy and safe. Share.P allows students to use the locked bike parking, and […]

Concert at the NFM? Park in the underground car park!

Take advantage of underground parking now, where your car will be safe. What’s more, thanks to the Share.P app, you can conveniently leave the car park without having to search for change or the ticket machine.    Check out the latest features with Share.P!   #Parking #underground #app #ShareP #NFM #Wroclaw #concert #safety   

‘Sharing’ is the magic word

Another editorial recognises the problems of today’s cities. Passenger cars are responsible for more than half of the traffic in cities, and this traffic is further increased by the search for parking spaces.    In an article published by Schweizerische Gewerbezeitung, our CEO Mateusz Wojdylo tells readers how traffic in cities can be reduced and […]

Voting for the best technologies is still going on

Share.P is starting to prepare for PropTech Festival 2022. However, the final selection will not happen without your votes! We encourage you to choose the best technology for your property.   Voting is possible at,108/   See you in Warsaw!   #proptech #festival #ShareP #Warsaw #real #estate #modern #solutions #voting #competitions

Reliable and cheap parking in Wrocław

Looking for reliable and cheap parking in Wrocław?   You’ve just found the National Forum of Music!   The NFM is an underground car park in the heart of Wrocław, providing modern app-based access. Forget about looking for change and a paying machine – pay conveniently online with your smartphone!   Great location isn’t all, […]

The price of an electric car charging station

The increasing number of electric vehicles on the road naturally leads to an increase in the number of charging points. These are divided into several styles and types. Having an electric car, we have to charge it somewhere. This raises the question of how much charging itself costs and what amount you should pay for […]

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