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Reliable and cheap parking in Wrocław

Looking for reliable and cheap parking in Wrocław?   You’ve just found the National Forum of Music!   The NFM is an underground car park in the heart of Wrocław, providing modern app-based access. Forget about looking for change and a paying machine – pay conveniently online with your smartphone!   Great location isn’t all, […]

The price of an electric car charging station

The increasing number of electric vehicles on the road naturally leads to an increase in the number of charging points. These are divided into several styles and types. Having an electric car, we have to charge it somewhere. This raises the question of how much charging itself costs and what amount you should pay for […]

ScaleUp Games 2022

As you may all know we were one of the ScaleUp Games finalists in Warsaw in the beginning of this year. One of the prizes was to participate in the great final in Birmingham. Well, it started today!   We are here with 14 startups chosen from many around the world. All very innovative and […]

Electric cars in everyday life

Soon, electric cars will become the norm. We see more and more of these types of vehicles on the road without even noticing them. 🔋🚙   An increasing number of people are deciding to buy an electric car. Many countries offer subsidies, although this is not the only reason. What’s important in all this is […]

The 1,000th person to follow Share.P!

We would like to thank you very much for following us on LinkedIn. We just crossed the 1000 followers mark and we are extremely proud of that. 🥳   Our team works every day to improve parking services around the world! We feel honoured that you appreciate it.   Let’s make the Earth greener together! […]

Private properties are not sufficient!

Individual residential properties are only a fraction of existing parking spaces. That’s why Share.P offers its solutions to various industries! 😄   Housing estates – means less remotes, low maintenance, incomparable security, control over the facility, and the simplicity of adding extra residents.   Hospitality industry – complete integration with the hotel system and automatic […]

What do drivers in Poland and Switzerland have in common?

Searching for parking spaces… A study by Zurich University (1) showed that cruising for parking can cause up to 70% of traffic in city centers. 🚗 It is at the same time a waste of money, time, and the generation of air pollution and greenhouse gases.    System Share.P allows you to book a parking […]

What does Share.P introduce outside the housing estate?

It’s not just a barrier opening system! The Share.P app allows you to park freely throughout the city and:   🔒 Increases the security of the housing estate car park – access only for verified users 🏢 Automates entry to parking lots – no need to take a ticket 🏪 Online payment for parking in […]

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