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Parking in Karpacz urban areas

There are 8 paid municipal parking lots in Karpacz


Parking meters located at the parking lots support coins (with denominations ranging from 10 groszy to 5 zloty), payment cards and payments via a mobile application.


The parking guide is available in English, German and Polish. Language can be changed in the upper right corner.


Parking areas


  • Parking lot No. 1: Parkowa St., in the vicinity of the Museum of Sport and Tourism;
  • Parking lot No. 2: Parkowa St., next to the tunnel;
  • Parking lot No. 3: Lomna St., in the vicinity of Mountain Rescue Primary School;
  • Parking Lot No. 4: Konstytucji 3 Maja St., in the vicinity of the Municipal Office;
  • Parking lot No. 5: Swietokrzyska St;
  • Parking lot No. 6: Karkonoska St., opposite the property No. 17;
  • Parking lot No. 7: Olimpijska St., in the vicinity of Kopa Cableway;
  • Parking lot No. 8: Olimpijczyków Street, next to the municipal stadium, parking for cars and buses.


Rates of parking fees in Karpacz


Parking is charged 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



Parking lots numbered 1 to 4

  • PLN 0.00 for 30 minutes of parking;
  • PLN 5.00 for the first hour and each subsequent hour;
  • PLN 25.00 round-the-clock fee;


Parking lots numbered 5 to 7

  • PLN 5.00 for the first hour and each subsequent hour;
  • PLN 25.00 round-the-clock fee;


Parking lot number 8 for buses

  • PLN 10.00 for the first hour and each subsequent hour;
  • PLN 50.00 round-the-clock fee;


Zero fees for

  • vehicles of disabled persons with reduced mobility and transporting a person
    disabled person with reduced mobility, which are marked with a parking card,
    on stands designated for them,
  • emergency vehicles and services while performing their duties, among others: Police,
    Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade, Gas Service, Water and Sewage Service,
    Electricity Service, Municipal Police.


Additional fee

  • PLN 80.00 for not paying the parking fee per each day;
  • PLN 50.00 if payment is made within 7 calendar days;






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