CH Arkady Wrocławskie – parking

Parking garage in the centre of Wrocław in Arkady Wrocławskie shopping centre.

Surface and underground parking for external drivers and gallery customers. Location next to Wrocław city centre.

Entry and exit via barrier also with ShareP app. Possibility to reserve a parking space.

Close to public transport. You can also walk to the town square.

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Price list for Arkady Wrocławskie
shopping mall.

Погодинна оплата

1h – from 10,00 PLN

30 min free – for ShareP users

Payment by cash only (coins) or on the ShareP app by debit card, Google Pay and Apple pay – a digital ticket must be downloaded in advance.


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Вхід через додаток ShareP

In the shopping mall, accessible toilets, food area, gym, cinema.