Cheap parking in Gdańsk – near railway station

Affordable parking for drivers near the railway station and for tourists near the center of Gdansk

Low-cost multi-story parking available to all drivers, including LPG vehicles. Low parking prices, cheaper than on the street in the paid parking zone Gdansk.

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Price list of covered car park in Gdansk near the center and Gdansk Shipyard

Погодинна оплата

1h – 4,00 PLN

2h – 4,00 PLN

3h – 5,00 PLN

PLN 3.00/4.00 for each additional hour of parking;
PLN 45.00 for the entire parking day.


Parking subscriptions for local residents and employees

are available upon request

Зарядні станції для електромобілів

На об'єкті поки що немає зарядної станції для електромобілів.

Додаткові правила

Parking height: 2,10m

100,00 злотих за втрачений квиток

The maximum weight of the vehicle is 2.5 tons.