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Зони паркування у Халупах

Unguarded Paid Parking Zone in Chałupy occurs seasonally


Period of zone operation from 15 June to 31 August


Parking meters located on the streets support coins (in denominations from 10 groszy to 5 zloty). It is also possible to make a payment using a mobile application.


Parking fees in Chałupy


Зона платного паркування:


платіж дійсний з понеділка по п'ятницю between 09:00 and 20:00
  • PLN 1.00 minimum charge up to 30 minutes of parking;
  • 3,50 злотих за першу годину паркування;
  • PLN 3.50 for the second and each subsequent hour of parking;


Плата за зарезервоване місце для паркування (конверт)

  • PLN 500.00 per month;


Нульова комісія за


  • Електромобілі;
  • vehicles of institutions and services listed in Article 13, paragraph 3 of the Act of 21 March 1985 on public roads (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2015, item 460 as amended);
  • marked vehicles of the Municipal Police in Władysławowo;
  • marked vehicles of the municipal services as well as the following emergency services: water and sewage, electricity, gas and heating during the removal of breakdowns;
  • disabled persons having difficulty moving around, persons driving motor vehicles or driving a vehicle transporting a disabled person having difficulty moving around as well as a facility providing care, rehabilitation or education to disabled persons with significantly reduced mobility parking in restricted parking spaces marked with P-24 “space for the disabled” sign and D-18a “restricted parking” sign with T-29 plate – informing about spaces for vehicles transporting or directed by disabled persons with impaired mobility, who hold a parking card
  • residents of the Władysławowo Commune using vehicles with electric drive system, i.e. electric and hybrid vehicles (PHEV), who have an “electric/hybrid vehicle card” issued in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in Appendix No. 3 to this Resolution;


Додаткові збори


  • PLN 80.00 for not paying the parking fee;
  • PLN 40.00 in case of payment made within 3 days.







UCHWAŁA NR XX/300/2020
z dnia 7 kwietnia 2020 r.


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