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Зони паркування у Колобжеґу

The Paid Parking Zone in Kolobrzeg is divided into two zones

Parking meters located on the streets support coins (in denominations ranging from 10 groszy to 5 zloty), with some available by card. It is also possible to pay using a mobile application. It is necessary to enter vehicle registration number.


A parking ticket purchased at any parking meter in one of the zones can be used within the validity period specified on the ticket in parking zone A or B.



Parking fees in Kołobrzeg


Fees are collected in the period from 1.05. до 30.09. – from 9:00 до 21:00
and in the period from 1.10. до 30.04. – from 9:00 до 18:00.


Paid Parking Zones:


Paid Parking Zone area A

  • PLN 2.00 minimum charge for 30 minutes of parking;
  • 3,90 злотих за першу годину паркування;
  • 4,60 злотих за другу годину паркування;
  • 5,50 злотих за третю годину паркування;
  • PLN 3.90 for the fourth and each subsequent hour of parking;


Paid Parking Zone area B

  • PLN 1.50 minimum charge for 30 minutes of parking;
  • PLN 2.50 for the first hour of parking;
  • PLN 3.00 for the second hour of parking;
  • PLN 3.60 for the third hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.50 for the fourth and each subsequent hour of parking;




Open Access підписка

  • PLN 250.00 for 30 days;


Підписка for residents

for holders of the Kolobrzeg Resident Card

  • PLN 60.00 for 30 days;
  • PLN 340.00 for 180 days;
  • PLN 660.00 for 360 days;


Підписки for people with disabilities

type N for people with disabilities

  • PLN 20.00 per year;

type N+ for carers of people with disabilities

  • PLN 20.00 per year;


Підписка ECO

for a hybrid vehicle emitting less than 100g/km of CO2

  • PLN 20.00 for 30 days;


Нульова комісія за


  • електромобілі;
  • utility services marked externally and permanently while performing their duties;
  • technical services, i.e.: gas, energy, heating, water and sewage, telecommunication services during the removal of failures and their effects;
  • State institutions, local government institutions, media, contractors providing services on the basis of agreements concluded with the Municipality of Kolobrzeg, equipped with passes issued by the Mayor of Kolobrzeg;
  • disabled persons with reduced mobility driving vehicles, holding parking cards as well as drivers transporting disabled persons holding such cards on designated and marked parking spaces;
  • cabs on the designated parking spaces between D-19 “cab rank” and D-20 “end of cab rank” signs;
  • public transport vehicles, stopping at their designated stops;
  • vehicles of the hospice in Kołobrzeg;


Додаткові збори


  • PLN 250.00 for not paying the parking fee;
  • PLN 125.00 if payment is made within 7 calendar days;






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z dnia 29 kwietnia 2021 r.


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