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Зони паркування у Нисі

Zone of Paid Unattended Parking for Vehicles on Municipal and District Public Roads in the Town of Nysa

Parking meters located on the streets support coins (in denominations from 10 groszy to 5 zloty). It is also possible to pay using a mobile application.

There are 61 parking meters available.


Parking fees in Nysa


In a paid parking zone

платіж дійсний з понеділка по п'ятницю from 08:00 to 18:00
  • 1,00 злотих мінімальна плата за 30 хвилин;
  • 1,50 злотих за першу годину паркування;
  • 1,80 злотих за другу годину паркування;
  • 2,10 злотих за третю годину паркування;
  • 1,50 злотих за четверту та кожну наступну годину паркування;



  • PLN 25.00 weekly;
  • PLN 40.00 biweekly
  • PLN 65.00 monthly;
  • PLN 325.00 semiannual;
  • PLN 650.00 annually;


A special subscription fee is introduced in the amount of PLN 25.00 per month for persons conducting business activity and for employees of institutions and commercial facilities located within the streets covered by the paid parking zone.


Плата за зарезервоване місце для паркування (конверт)

  • PLN 1,500.00 for six months;
  • PLN 3,000.00 for one year;


Zero fee rates for

  • електромобілі;
  • residents of a given area of the paid parking zone who own or permanently use cars for parking on the street adjacent to their place of residence and on the adjacent street indicated by the resident, on the basis of a “resident vignette”
  • disabled persons who have a “parking card”;
  • drivers of marked municipal service vehicles
  • caregivers of residents incapable of independent living;
  • institutions carrying out charitable and caring activities, on the basis of a parking vignette issued on the basis of a statute confirming the conduct of activities in the above mentioned scope
  • community nurses, on the basis of a parking vignette issued upon presentation of a relevant certificate;
  • parents and their designated guardians of children of pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school age classes I-III, to stop on the streets directly adjacent to a crèche, kindergarten or school for the purposes of transporting the children and picking them up, for a period not exceeding half an hour
  • unicycles;
  • anti-communist opposition activists and persons repressed for political reasons who own a motor vehicle, on the basis of a parking vignette issued on the basis of ID card anti-communist opposition activist or person repressed for political reasons.


Zero-rate parking vignettes are issued with a validity of up to one year.


Додаткові збори

  • PLN 80.00 for not paying the parking fee;
  • PLN 30.00 if payment is made within 7 days.








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