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What is one of our main objectives?

There is a general belief that modernizing something as down-to-earth as parking lots is effort-intensive and not worthwhile. At Share.P we prove this wrong every day! 😅   From the beginning, our goal is to offer universal, fast and affordable solutions. Everyone can afford our device – from the manager of a large housing estate […]

TOP 10 in the “Front Runners Travel Tech Competition”

We have the pleasure to announce that Share.P has been selected to the TOP 10 in the “Front Runners Travel Tech Competition” organized by World Travel Market London i World Tourism Forum Lucerne!   Even more amazing is knowing that the committee had to choose from a pool of as many as 300 innovative start-ups […]

Can't stand garage remote controls?

The remote control to the barrier can be lost, the keys can be forged, and the secret codes to the gates have long been on the Internet… In the XXI century smartphone accompanies us almost everywhere. Making a bank transfer, checking e-mail or paying at a restaurant is not a problem from its level. Even […]

Front Runners Travel Tech Competition and Share.P!

Hi, this is Share.P! Another challenge is in front of us! Due to our high score at Start-up Innovation Camp 2021 in April, this time we were personally invited by the organizers to Front Runners Travel Tech Competition!!! 🤩   World Travel Market London together with Travel Forward and World Tourism Forum Lucerne join forces […]

Share.P also serves as Park&Ride!

We provide complete technology and help to implement P&R in cities.   In the last few days we realized a project for the Swiss municipality of Rain near Lucerne, where we replaced the outdated coin-operated parking meters with fast reservations and secure payments via mobile app. Commuters from towns in the north of the canton […]

We don’t like tempting fate. Share.P is all about SECURITY.

The barrier remote control can be lost, keys forged, and secret door codes have long been on the Internet… Not to mention the widespread renting of parking spaces to anonymous people from the classifieds.   Instead of writing about the best encryption methods, innovative, patented technology and software developed in-house by 6 experienced programmers – […]

GateModule installation in Zurich

Enthusiasts of the solution include individuals as well as managers of large residential properties, which we will try to showcase in our social media ?.   One of the first locations where we installed our system was the underground garage of a building on Viktoriastrasse in Zurich, Switzerland. Installing the module at the garage door […]

Hotels, restaurants, campsites…. and even marinas – we're there too!

Share.P also innovates outside the city. We can enjoy the convenience absolutely everywhere! Together with we are entering the world of HoReCa.   With Share.P, unused parking spaces and electrical outlets become a source of revenue for the business, even when the hotel or restaurant remains closed!   With our free application any authorized […]