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Let's just be #ECO

Let’s do it for our Planet


Did you know that around 55 000 vehicles enter Zurich every day?


Here at Share.P, we have committed to an important mission to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution levels in cities by:


☑️ expanding the availability of EV charging points – which will reduce the number of internal combustion vehicles

☑️ P&R from within the app – no stress and convenience by continuing journeys using public transport

☑️ parking space reservation system – saves fuel and reduces traffic congestion


An academic study(1) in downtown Zurich showed that the share of traffic caused by cruising for parking space can be as high as 70%! One parking space generates so much additional traffic, which can amount to several thousand kilometers travelled by vehicles per year!


By optimizing the existing private parking infrastructure, we will leave free on-street parking spaces for those who really need them.


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1 Cao, J., Menendez, M., & Waraich, R. (2019). Impacts of the urban parking system on cruising traffic and policy development: The case of Zurich downtown area, Switzerland. Transportation, 46(3), 883-908.)