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Electric car charging stations in business

Electric vehicle charging station – everyone has heard of it, but what does it look like in business terms?   Electromobility is not only a revolution on the streets, but also in infrastructure! It offers incredible opportunities to build your own charging station.   🌱 Promoting low-carbon transport πŸ”Œ Charging your car, scooter and bike […]

Gate remote control in the car multimedia system

Do you get tired of looking for the remote control when driving on a snowy road? 🧐 Take advantage of the remote function in your car’s multimedia system!   Simply access your browser from the car and open the gate or barrier with a single button! You can even reserve a spot and navigate to […]

Great success comes from wide collaboration

We believe great success comes from wide collaboration.   That’s why we regularly participate in various events, meet with specialists or take an active part in urban conferences – like at #urbaninnovationdayV in Zurich.   The event, organized by Urban Innovation Association Switzerland, is a meeting of a group of politicians, city officials and entrepreneurs. […]

SMART parking solutions in a housing estate

Nearly every modern housing estate has limited access.   The most common are parking barriers – which for property managers as well as residents can be problematic. Providing each apartment with at least two remote controls is expensive, and entering the access code each time is annoying over time.   If only there was an […]

First EV gathering in Poland!

A massive shopping center, a huge promenade and hundreds of people – that’s Manufaktura Lodz.   And all of a sudden cars… over 150 of them – on the promenade itself. πŸ™ˆ Noise? Exhaust fumes? Leaking oil? No – this is the first EV gathering in Poland organized by EV Klub Polska! πŸ”‹   Something […]

Santa in Zurich

Ho Ho Ho! We’re broadcasting along with Santa! 🀢   We were able to catch him on camera in the kids room a while ago! πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦ He stopped by to eat cake and of course deliver gifts. 🎁🎁🎁 He has to visit quite a few more locations, so he flew on over! Maybe he is […]

EV, PHEV, ICE – what does it mean? Electric vehicle dictionary

More and more often we use shortcuts regarding electromobility. Currently, it is definitely a revolution, everything is happening very quickly and we hear new phrases from every side. Mostly they are simply borrowings from English, but what exactly do they mean? People who do not drive an electric car every day could get lost in […]

Using the Share.P app is free!

Whether it’s a resident of the estate, a courier UPS, an Uber Eats delivery person or just a friend. 😁   Any of them can open the barrier, gate or even the front door by themselves! At any time, as long as they have permission to do so – which is given by the proprietor […]

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I was not able to believe that parking can be so easy!

Adam Schmid

IT Engineer

Nigdy wiΔ™cej nie bede musiaΕ‚a pΕ‚aciΔ‡ za dodatkowego pilota juppi πŸ˜‰

Anna Lis

Resident in Zurich

Opening garage door with an app, love it, good luck!

Michael Brotzman


Travelling to Zurich and having a chance to book a parking spot before arriving is a time saver!!!

Joan Kendrick


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