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There are only 4000 paid public parking spaces in Wrocław

Considering the number of registered vehicles is over half a million, that means one parking space for over 130 cars! 🛻   As Share.P we solve the problem of finding a parking space in cities like Wroclaw by offering a reliable parking reservation system. We use private infrastructure, i.e. above- and underground parking lots, shopping […]

Storytelling by Share.P

We’re going to tell you the real story 💡 Recently, a group of Spaniards wanted to reserve a parking space in the underground garage of our headquarters in Zurich. 🏢 They installed the app, but didn’t know how to use it – they called us asking if they would get their own garage keys for […]

Are any electric cars on Polish roads?

Let’s start with the charging issues ⚡️ – while in popular locations there are rather no problems, a trip to further areas may become a challenge.  Hotels or restaurants often choose not to install a charging station for an electric car, because “nobody drives it anyway”… 💁🏼😂   On the other hand, some drivers say […]

An electric vehicle is among the best selling cars in 2020 in Switzerland

Precisely Tesla model 3 with 5 000 vehicles ranks second among all passenger cars sold last year!   Now you can see Tesla absolutely everywhere and it is estimated that by 2025 there will be a quarter of a million EVs only in Switzerland!   But how about charging points? That’s not so optimistic…😕 Nevertheless […]

The sun is a source of wonderful, unlimited energy

In the fall of 2021, the Muttsee Dam in Switzerland will begin generating electricity at the largest solar power plant in the Alps, allowing about 1,000 electric cars to be charged simultaneously! ☀️☀️☀️   The solar installation will cover an area of 10,000 square meters, which is equivalent to about 1.5 football fields!   As […]

Construction of 1000 public chargers in Vienna is now complete

Launched in early 2018, the construction of 1000 public charging points for electric cars in Vienna is now complete! Austria is taking steps to make EV travel possible everywhere 😊   Nevertheless, research shows that the most important determinant of whether an EV is more convenient than an ICE is whether you can charge your […]

Swiss votation on the proposed CO2 law with great attention

Share.P was born out of a desire to do something good for the world in which our children will live. Our sole mission is to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution, so we watched the Swiss votation on the proposed CO2 law with great attention.   Few days ago, the Swiss population narrowly rejected the […]

Do you worry about where the energy for charging EV comes from?

Do you worry about where the energy for charging electric vehicles comes from? In Switzerland, you don’t have to!!! About 75% of all electricity in Switzerland is “green energy”.⚡️ This is made possible by renewable energy sources: the Alpine country has 638 hydroelectric power plants, accounting for as much as 59.9% of total electricity production! […]

Only 125 public charging points in Zurich

There are so few of them across the city…   Electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for over 14% of all cars sold nationwide in 2020! That being said, the number of charging points in Zurich is absolutely ridiculous.   As Share.P, we help share private charging stations! The solution provides additional income for the owner of […]

Poland is chasing global trends

Already today there are many benefits for drivers of electric vehicles with green registration plates.   These are among others: possibility to park the car in paid parking zones without any charges 24/7 driving on bus lanes possibility to drive on selected streets in the city center exempted from wheel traffic (Wroclaw) dedicated parking spaces […]

Let's just be #ECO

Let’s do it for our Planet   Did you know that around 55 000 vehicles enter Zurich every day?   Here at Share.P, we have committed to an important mission to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution levels in cities by:   ☑️ expanding the availability of EV charging points – which will reduce the […]