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Parking in Rybnik zones

In Rybnik 19 locations have been developed for municipal parking lots. 16 of them are public places.
There is also Paid Parking Zone

Check where you can park your car and what will be the fee for parking


City Parking


during paid parking hours
Monday to Friday 7:00 – 18:00
Saturdays between 7:00 – 14:00



Public parking lots in the area:


  • Parking lot No. 1 on Gen. Hallera St,
  • Parking lot No. 2 in ul. 3 Maja
  • Parking lot No. 3 on M. Skłodowskiej-Curie St,
  • Parking lot No. 4 in Ks. Brudnioka St,
  • Parking lot No. 5 on W. Reymonta St,
  • Parking lot No. 6 on Młyńska – Market Square,
  • Parking lot No. 10 on Jankowicka St,
  • Parking lot No. 13 on Rzeczna St,


Rates in Rybnik on parking lots 1-6 as well as 10 and 13

  • 0.00 PLN for the first 15 minutes;
  • 2.50 PLN for every commenced hour;


Public parking lots in the area:


  • Parking lot No. 7 on Powstańców Śląskich Street,
  • Parking lot No. 8 in T. Kosciuszko St,
  • Parking lot No. 9 in J. Kotucza St,
  • Parking lot No. 9 in Rudzka St. (on the grounds of the student campus),


Rates in Rybnik on parking lots no. 7-9 and Rudzka St.

  • 0.00 PLN for the first 90 minutes;
  • 2.50 PLN for every commenced hour;




Subscription to public parking type SP

  • PLN 200.00 per month;


Subscription to public parking type OP

  • PLN 90.00 per month;


Additional fee

  • PLN 50.00 for lack of ticket or receipt (including lack of valid subscription);


Public parking lots in the area:


  • Parking lot No. 11 on Młyńska St. – Klasztorna St,
  • Parking lot No. 12 on Młyńska St. – Court (next to the District Court),
  • Parking lot No. 13 on River Street,
  • Parking lot No. 14 on High Street,
  • Parking lot No. 15 on Teatralny Square,



Rates in Rybnik on parking lots 11-15

  • 2.50 PLN for every commenced hour;


Additional charge

  • PLN 200.00 no ticket on parking lots with parking meters installed;


Parking lots for subscription holders and those exempted from parking fees in terms of:


  • parking lot on Slawikow Street,
  • parking lot on Szafranka St,
  • parking lot on Młyńska St. – Guild,


Subscription coupons will be issued first to


  • persons residing in the area described by the streets: Gen. Hallera str., Rzeczna str., Młyńska str. from Targowa str. to Wł. Reymonta str., Wł. Reymonta str. from Młyńska str. to Plac Armii Krajowej, Pl. Armii Krajowej, ul. 3 Maja from Plac Armii Krajowej to ul. B. Chrobrego, ul. B. Chrobrego from ul. 3 Maja to ul. T. Kościuszki, ul. T. Kościuszki from ul. B. Chrobrego to ul. Powstańców Śl, Powstańców Śl. from T. Kościuszki street to ul. Gliwicka, ul. Mikołowska from ul. Powstańców Śl. to ul. Na Góra, ul. Gliwicka from ul. Łony to ul. Na Góra, ul. J.III Sobieskiego to ul. Św. Jana, ul. Św. Jana, Plac Kościelny, ul. Rudzka from Plac Kościelny to ul. Kotucza, ul. J.Kotucza from ul. Rudzka to ul. Dworek, ul. Dworek from ul. J. Kotucza to ul. Gen. Hallera – to the parking lot located closest to the place of residence,
  • persons covered by the “Large Family” program – to the parking lot indicated in the application.


Paid Parking Zone in Rybnik


Rates of payment

Valid from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00
  • PLN 3.90 for the first hour of parking;
  • PLN 4.60 for the second hour of parking;
  • PLN 5.50 for the third hour of parking;
  • PLN 3.90 for the fourth and every subsequent parking hour;


Fee for restricted parking space (envelope)

  • PLN 400.00 per month;


Free parking for electric vehicles


Additional fee

  • PLN 200.00 for non-payment of parking fees for motor vehicles within the zone;






of 12 March 2020.

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