Point logistique Piaseczno - entrée

Logistics Point Piaseczno - entrance to logistics park and EV minibus charging station.


Raszyńska 13, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland


Enter, drive up the ramp, confirm arrival with a member of staff and leave automatically.


Use the electric vehicle charging station with a designated space for minibuses as well.

Entry / deliveries

  1. Drive up to the long entrance barrier.
  2. The camera will recognise the number plate.
  3. Drive up to the tenant/ramp and a member of staff will confirm your stay.

A link to navigate to the entrance can be found below.

Departure / leaving

  1. A member of staff (at ramp) will confirm your stay.
  2. You have 10 minutes to leave for free.
  3. Drive up to the barrier and the system will automatically let you out.

Parking after unloading in the park incurs an additional charge.

Stations de recharge EV

Charger available to all.

Possibility to book a charging station.

Access from the ShareP app.

Dual AC charging station with Type 2 socket with up to 22 kW per socket.

Règles supplémentaires

Charging station available for electric motorbikes, cars and minibuses.