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Share.P is an ecosystem connecting drivers, parking spaces and charging stations for electric vehicles. Allowing, among others on:

1. Parking in housing estates

2. Parking in shopping centers

3. Charging electric vehicles

4. Reservation of parking lots in the city and outside the city

Phone mockups with Sharep app

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in estates
and housing

Forget about "wild" parking on the estate. Put on a completely new level of security and access from a smartphone.

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in commercial
parking lots

Don't look for change! You can pay for the stop conveniently
in the application, without having to
download a paper ticket.

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for electric

You can leave RFID cards at home. Activate the charging session from your smartphone and enjoy automatic billing.

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Let the parking lot
waiting for you!

Who likes to walk around the city
looking for a parking space?
Book your seat and drive straight to your destination!