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Proven parking solutions
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Enhanced safety


Lower maintenance costs


Improved parking for residents


Complete parking system


Increased property value


Time savings


All-in-one parking system


Shared charging stations

Choose cheaper parking!

Share.P introduces modern parking arrangements for residential buildings, removing unnecessary maintenance costs.

Experience the convenience of digital remote control directly on your smartphone and effortlessly grant access to the car park for your family. Say goodbye to the hassle of stocking up on standard barrier remotes or constantly replacing batteries.

At Share.P, we believe that technology doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Prioritizing Safety in Shared Car Parks – Trust Share.P for Unmatched Security

We understand importance of safety, particularly in shared car parks. At Share.P, we offer comprehensive security measures to ensure a protected environment for your car park.

Our security methods have undergone rigorous testing and have proven their effectiveness time and again. In fact, our trusted system is relied upon by none other than Google employees in Europe, attesting to its reliability and robustness.

Invite friends for coffee.

Gone are the days of manually opening the gate for visitors when granting them access to your parking space!

Now, all it takes is a simple one-time invitation to park in your designated spot, and they will enjoy unrestricted entry to the car park for a specified duration.

Parking has never been so easy!

How much does it cost?

Thanks to our advanced technology and increased automation, we have successfully reduced the expenses of our parking system.

Moreover, there’s no need to replace garage doors or barriers; we seamlessly integrate as an add-on! Our solution is low-cost, environmentally friendly and fast.

Upgrade your property’s parking facilities today!

The Share.P system in residential Car parks provides:

Our system is compatible with all barriers and garage gates and, thanks to open software, we can integrate with other systems.


Booking and subscription system


Online payments


Guest invitations


System facility integration

Access Control


QR Code scan


Plate recognition


In-app access button

EV charging stations


Fully integrated into the parking system


Totally maintenance-free


Perfect for underground

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