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Shared Charging stations in housing areas
for residents in 2024

Individual energy billing

Automatic online payments


Reduce the cost of building a common charging
infrastructure by up to 30%!

Shared charging stations will not only reduce building costs, but also ensure availability for all residents on a rotating basis. The Share.P system allows bookings and independent operation of the station.


Installing charging stations at each parking spot is not cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


By introducing station sharing we can significantly reduce costs!

Chargers from A to Z.

At Share.P we deal comprehensively with charging stations and everything related to them.

We advise on the choice of station, arrange all the documentation, install the station, maintain it and account for charging.

Our possibilities also include handling dynamic load balancing, building shelters with photovoltaic panels, integrating already existing charging stations or making parking improvements.

A charging station that pays off.

The station owner sets the charging rates.

If it is a residential community, profits can be used for further investments. In addition, prices can be regulated by group of drivers or time of day.

Share.P fully manages the station and reports monthly on earnings.

Self-operated charging stations for electric vehicles

Innovative technology and automation allows for self-activated charging sessions.

With Share.P, cumbersome RFID cards are a thing of the past. We are introducing intuitive controls with in-app booking and card payment.

Charging Station: Enelion Vertica

Charging stations with Share.P
in residential area introduce:

Developed booking system

Integration with car park system

Low cost installation
and maintenance

Underground operations

Integration with other stations

AC and DC stations

Discover how to save money right now!

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    Check out our charging stations!

    You can find companies such as Enelion, EVB, Cornerstone.

    Enelion Lumina

    Modern design combined with additional functionality – charge your bike and car
    at the same time!

    Enelion Vertica

    A stylish charging pole ideal for business.
    Open up to new customers!

    Enelion Wallbox

    A hassle-free wallbox with which to charge electric cars and hybrids! Minimalism can
    be functional.