Automated parking Management
In Logistics 4.0

Reduction in maintenance costs

Accelerated processes

Operator-free Car Park at logistics centre

Automated parking process

Improved security

system combined with CCTV monitoring

Precise navigation

Charging stations for Heavy-Duty

Significant cost reductions

We are introducing staff-free access to logistics centres based on LPR cameras and validation of drivers by tenants.

Drivers can enter automatically and validate their exit with the tenant. Security has access to the entire system online.

Forget about manually checking trucks at the facility. Instead, rely on the latest cameras!

No traffic congestion

Thanks to ShareP’s automation, traffic jams at the entrance no longer exist! Even when the logistics centre has only one entrance and exit.

The cameras immediately recognise the licence plate and verify the vehicle.
What’s more, high-speed barriers allow traffic to flow smoothly even during rush hour.

A single partner to manage access to the logistics centre

As ShareP, we comprehensively adapt the facility for automatic access and emergency security.

We are involved in the construction and modernisation of: parking infrastructure, CCTV monitoring and a system to handle access to the logistics centre.

In this we can provide super-fast barriers, accurate ANPR cameras with vehicle recognition of over 99%, an app for efficient truck validation and monitoring throughout the facility.

2 options for taking action

– Upgrading existing infrastructure
– Building modern infrastructure

A truck access management system for a logistics centre can be implemented on an existing parking infrastructure.
We can modernise the facility or equip it from scratch.

Go live with the automated system immediately after modernization

The Share.P system in a Logistics parks provides:

Our parking system can be adapted to the different specifics of the logistics park.

Full access control

Automated car park

Detailed instructions

Possibility of linking the car park with CCTV

Access Control

Plate recognition

Validations at the ramp

EV charging stations

Fully integrated into the parking system


Adapted for trucks

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