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Share.P has an important environmental mission to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution. We do it by expanding the EV charging stations network and optimizing the existing parking infrastructure in order to eliminate cruising for parking.

Cruising for parking costs a lot of time and fuel and generates a shockingly high traffic load. An academic study1 of traffic in central Zurich found that the share of traffic caused by cruising for parking varies between 20% and even 70% (!). According to a study2 from University of Zurich one parking spot alone generates additional traffic that can add up during a year to a few thousand kilometers travelled by vehicles! Tired of overwhelming traffic, cities decrease even more the available parking space, replacing it with dedicated bus and bike lanes and pedestrian zones, closing the vicious circle.

Having a possibility of reserving a parking spot in the proximity of a bus or metro station, many drivers will be happy to avoid the stress and continue their travel with a public transport. Thanks to optimization of the existing private parking infrastructure we will leave the limited number of on-street parking spots free for those who really need them.

The age of e-mobility

The age of e-mobility

We think it's the time to say goodbye to the combustion engine vehicles. We made the first step but there is a long way to go. According to studies, the main single reason why most people hesitate to switch to an electric car is the insufficient number of EV charging stations. Commuting with an EV is tricky and longer voyages are practically impossible.

Our goal is to equip minimum 20% of parking spots with affordable charging stations. Thanks to our partnership with Nexity Global we are able to provide them for a small fraction of the price of a public EV charging station. Share.P enables parking spots owners to profit from selling energy and makes traveling with an electric vehicle just as easy as with a traditional car.

1. Cao, J., Menendez, M., & Waraich, R. (2019). Impacts of the urban parking system on cruising traffic and policy development: The case of Zurich downtown area, Switzerland. Transportation, 46(3), 883-908.)

2. Tsiaras, C., Hobi, L., Hofstetter, F., Liniger, S., Stiller, B. (2015). parkITsmart: minimization of cruising for parking. 10.1109/ICCCN.2015.7288448.

3. Tiefbau- und Entsorgungsdepartement der Stadt Zürich

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