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new parking solutions for offices
designed for hybrid work


Enhance the tenant experience




Reduction in maintenance costs


Complete car park management


Increased property value


Time savings


Integrated parking in one


The latest charging stations

Reduce office car park maintenance costs by up to 25%!

Share.P provides high quality parking services while eliminating unnecessary parking expenses.

We manage car parks in a modern and comprehensive way. What’s more, the benefits can easily turn into thousands of euros in savings per month, not to mention the increased value of your property thanks to smart solutions.

Forget about
parking management!

Share.P, as a car park operator, deals with comprehensive management.

We rely on innovative technology and advanced automation. Clear rules, precise navigation, online payment and extensive management options. We are a parking operator that responds to the needs of the market.

We provide a smoothly operating car park, with extra utility for drivers. Without any additional work on the part of the facility owner. Rely on a professional!

Increase revenue from
each parking space!

Make even 100% use of your parking space, with Share.P it’s finally possible!

We completely organise your office car park, with the possibility of providing parking spaces outside. After office hours, Share.P can securely rent out free spaces to verified app users. Profits can also be shared with individual tenants.

Just indicate when you want to make money – we take care of the rest!

No more overpaying.

If something works, it doesn’t need to be replaced at all. It usually only needs to be upgraded!

When upgrading a working car park, we do not need to replace anything. The addition of the Share.P system is sufficient to provide all the functionality. It is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and fast solution.

Designing a car park from scratch on the parking infrastructure alone can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros when building the facility. A significant reduction in the cost of building a car park, also introduces lower maintenance costs.

The Share.P system in office car park provides:

Our system is compatible with all barriers and garage gates and, thanks to open software, we can integrate with other systems.


Booking and subscription system


Online payments


Guest invitations


System facility integration

Access Control


QR Code scan


Plate recognition


Button in the app

EV charging stations


Fully integrated into the parking system


Totally maintenance-free


Perfect for underground

Featured project

Share.P operates Google’s office parking garages
in a couple of countries for dynamic parking spot management for Googlers and external users.

“Google wants to incentivize employees to use public transport, cycle and walk. Share.P provided technology for flexible parking that better matches a hybrid work week and the needs of occasional drivers.”

– David Nasseri, Workplace Services Manager, Google Switzerland

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