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Modern cities with advanced
Charging station Solutions for 2024

Integration of charging and parking

Online payments

Latest chargers

Reduce the cost of building charging
infrastructure by up to 28%!

The shared charging station concept for electric cars is a modern trend and a clever use for the smart city.


Single stations per parking space is not the best use of space.


The proper charging station can handle several parking spaces in rotation!

Hassle-free charging.

The latest technology and advanced automation allows remote activation of charging sessions. Without cumbersome RFID cards and station staff.

User will independently park, start charging and pay online.

The Share.P system also operates fully underground.

A charging station is not just an expense.

In the Share.P charging network, charging rates are set by the station owner.

The city can set the rates itself and use the money earned for further investments.

The charging station can finally pay for itself!

Comprehensive service.

Share.P provides advice, selection, documentation, construction, installation and maintenance of EV charging stations.

Our electromobility opportunities include the management of available connection capacity, the construction of parking shelters with photovoltaic panels, the expansion of the AC and DC charging network and the connection of functioning chargers.

In addition, we manage car parks as well, integrating them with charging stations.

Charging Station: Enelion Vertica

Charging stations with Share.P
for Smart Cities provide:

Novel booking system

Integration with parking system

Low maintenance expenses

Running underground

Linking to other stations

AC and fast DC stations

Discover how to save money right now!

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    Enelion Lumina

    Modern design combined with additional functionality – charge your bike and car
    at the same time!

    Enelion Vertica

    A stylish charging pole ideal for business.
    Open up to new customers!

    Enelion Wallbox

    A hassle-free wallbox with which to charge electric cars and hybrids! Minimalism can
    be functional.