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First EV gathering in Poland!

A massive shopping center, a huge promenade and hundreds of people – that’s Manufaktura Lodz.


And all of a sudden cars… over 150 of them – on the promenade itself. ? Noise? Exhaust fumes? Leaking oil? No – this is the first EV gathering in Poland organized by EV Klub Polska! ?


Something amazing. Plenty of cars, moving silently and not emitting any gases – practically unnoticeable vehicles. ??


We authentically felt like we were in the future, but it’s already happening! Electromobility is coming to us at an incredible speed – just like Share.P! Without slowing down we have plans to significantly expand the charging infrastructure, so that at the next time the record of vehicles will be broken.


How will we do this? You will find out soon.



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