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Parking in Kepno zone

Vehicle parking fees are collected by parking meters that support payment cards and coins. In addition, alternative payment methods have been introduced using cell phones through application.   Parking fees in Kępno   Paid Parking Zone   payment is valid from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00   PLN 1.60 minimum charge for 40 […]

Parking in Kalisz zone

Free parking for electric car drivers and people with disabilities (in designated areas only) Payments for parking in the paid parking zone are to be made in parking machines. We can pay for parking with coins (from 10 groszy to 5 PLN). It is still possible to pay using mobile applications.   Please note, the […]

Parking in Ostrow Wielkopolski zone

Charges for parking on public roads in Ostrów Wielkopolski   Made in parking machines by coins and mobile application.   Parking fees in Ostrow Wielkopolski   In the Paid Parking Zone Rates are the same to zone I and II   Valid from Monday to Friday for zone I in the hours 10.00-18.00 for zone […]

Parking in Poznan zones

Poznań has 6 198 paid parking spaces and 295 parking meters   Free parking for drivers of single-track vehicles (including bicycles) and electric cars.   Payment for parking in the paid parking zone should be made in parking machines. You can pay for parking using, among others, contactless payment cards, the BLIK system and coins […]

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