Parking in Kalisz zone

Free parking for electric car drivers and people with disabilities (in designated areas only)

Payments for parking in the paid parking zone are to be made in parking machines. We can pay for parking with coins (from 10 groszy to 5 PLN). It is still possible to pay using mobile applications.


Please note, the new rates and zones will apply from 1 January 2023.



Parking fees in Kalisz (2022)


In the Paid Parking Zone


Valid from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18:00


  • PLN 1.00 for half an hour;
  • PLN 2.00 for the first hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.40 for the second hour of parking
  • PLN 2.80 for the third hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.00 for the fourth and each subsequent hour of parking.


New parking fees in Kalisz from 1 January 2023


The zone will be divided into 2 sub-zones A and B


The fee increase will be 100%





  • PLN 50,00 weekly;
  • PLN 80,00 biweekly
  • PLN 120,00 monthly;


Subscription to “Kalisz Resident Card”
  • PLN 100,00 monthly;


For residents registered in the Paid Parking Zone
  • PLN 10,00 monthly fee;
  • PLN 20,00 quarterly fee;
  • PLN 70,00 annual fee;
  • PLN 20,00 annual fee in the case of persons with disabilities;

– another vehicle at the same rate


Fee for reserved parking space (envelope)

  • PLN 450,00 per month;


Additional fees


If we exceed the parking time and settle the matter on the same day:
  • the amount of the fee will be calculated as the time of parking from the end of our ticket to the time of payment at the cashier’s office plus a PLN 10 fee,
  • If we settle the same violation within 7 days, the fine will be 25 PLN,
  • after 7 days it will be 50 PLN
If we do not pay for parking in the Zone at all:
  • the fine settled within 7 days will be 35 PLN
  • after 7 days it will be 50 PLN



Map of paid parking in Kalisz