Parking in Ostrow Wielkopolski zone

Charges for parking on public roads in Ostrów Wielkopolski


Made in parking machines by coins and mobile application.


Parking fees in Ostrow Wielkopolski


In the Paid Parking Zone

Rates are the same to zone I and II


Valid from Monday to Friday
for zone I in the hours 10.00-18.00
for zone II in the hours 8.00-16.00


  • Minimum charge PLN 0.50;
  • PLN 2.00 for the first hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.40 for the second hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.80 for the third hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.00 for the fourth and each subsequent hour of parking.



  • PLN 60,00 weekly;
  • PLN 96,00 biweekly
  • PLN 176,00 monthly;


Subscription for zone resident

  • PLN 12,00 per calendar month;


Subscription for persons with disabilities

  • PLN 10,00 monthly;
  • PLN 100,00 per year;


Subscription for people who work or own property in the Paid Parking Zone

  • PLN 40,00 weekly;
  • PLN 50,00 two-week;
  • PLN 60,00 three-week;
  • PLN 70,00 monthly;
  • PLN 200,00 quarterly;



Fee for reserved parking space (envelope)

  • PLN 352,00 for a period of 8 consecutive hours per day;
  • PLN 500,00 round-the-clock;


Zero fee

  • for Electric Vehicles;


Additional Fees


for not paying the parking fee:
  • PLN 15.00 for paying within 3 days;
  • PLN 50.00 for payment after 3 days;
  • failure to pay within 9 days is subject to enforcement


If you do not pay for parking in the Zone at all:
  • the fine paid within 7 days will be PLN 35,00;
  • after more than 7 days it will be PLN 50,00.