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Swiss media excited about Share.P!

Last month was a time of high activity for us in the press and on the radio. It is difficult to count the number of interviews we have given. The journalists appreciated above all the environmental sustainability of our solution and its potential to promote electromobility.??


The Handel Heute magazine describes Share.P as a “(…) calming of urban traffic and increase in quality of life” ?


The Luzerner Zeitung says that “with the planned «parking exchange», there will be […] a reduction of car traffic and CO2 emissions in cities. The potential for Zurich seems enormous.” ?


The respectable daily Tages-Anzeiger, tries to intrigue its more than half a million readers from the very first page: “Untying the Parking Knot: Mateusz Wojdylo from Poland has set himself the goal of something seemingly impossible […] To do so, he puts everything on one card.” ?


The popular Blick, read by over 750,000 Swiss adds:

“So practical: All private parking spaces shared with Share.P are integrated with Google Maps, making it easy for users to locate, book and find them.” ?


Look for us in the media!



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