Safety in Share.P app

Safety was, is, and will be our primary concern.


? Only verified users have access to the app

? No outsider (without permission) is able to open the barrier

? The signal in our device is virtually impossible to intercept*!


We make sure that every driver who enters the garage is registered and verified. This happens from within the Share.P app. There is no question of unwanted visitors.


Thieves often copy the gate remote and start visiting garages to observe the parking lot…. with Share.P this is impossible! Even when we grant access to our friends, we have control over when and how many times they entered the property.


*An ordinary garage door remote sends a signal that can be intercepted with a simple device. The Share.P device and application uses IoT-based solutions, which is incomparably more secure compared to the solutions currently used in parking lots. The encrypted signal of the gate opening is processed by our servers, which means that there is no possibility of it being intercepted by dishonest people. 


Share.P offers proven solutions that we use ourselves.


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