We don’t like tempting fate. Share.P is all about SECURITY.

The barrier remote control can be lost, keys forged, and secret door codes have long been on the Internet… Not to mention the widespread renting of parking spaces to anonymous people from the classifieds.


Instead of writing about the best encryption methods, innovative, patented technology and software developed in-house by 6 experienced programmers – we prefer to talk about what gives real confidence:


  • At Share.P we know our users. Each of them has to go through a KYC (Know your customer) process. This means verification of each user with the property management and an always up-to-date database of people with permission to open the gate.


  • We allow (finally!) safe renting to neighbors, stress-free parking for guests or customers. It is the owner who decides who is allowed to use his parking space and when. There is no risk that an unauthorized person will enter the parking lot. No one remains anonymous.


  • In addition, the WiFi network provided by the Share.P modules works without any problems even deep underground, giving the possibility of immediate communication in case of emergency wherever this was previously impossible.


Because when it comes to security, Share.P makes no compromises.