Can't stand garage remote controls?

The remote control to the barrier can be lost, the keys can be forged, and the secret codes to the gates have long been on the Internet…

In the XXI century smartphone accompanies us almost everywhere. Making a bank transfer, checking e-mail or paying at a restaurant is not a problem from its level. Even books and newspapers are going digital! Trouble starts only with parking… and that under your own apartment!


Changing the housing estate, we almost always have to deal with new keys to gates or remote controls to the barrier. As far as making keys (although they are not very convenient) is not expensive, but buying another remote control to some extent. Add to this a second car and it becomes a larger amount. Not to mention leaving our key in the apartment and coming back for it on the third floor…


A residential parking lot serviced by duplicate access devices is somehow no longer safe. The manager of the estate installed a barrier on purpose, in order to limit the movement of strangers and to provide enough space for residents. But what if we lose our keys, the remote control signal is intercepted, or the gate code is made available to anyone when needed? In an instant, we lose control of our guests – including unwanted ones.


To meet the needs of convenience, safety and ecology Share.P presents its own patented technology that allows drivers to open the garage door or barrier remotely using a smartphone.


  • Conveniently – directly from your smartphone and the Share.P app, you can remotely open the garage door for yourself or allow your guests entry. Without additional remotes or codes. Even your courier or @Uber Eats delivery guy doesn’t have to wait anymore! He can open the barrier once by himself and deliver the package to us.


  • Security is ensured by the KYC (Know your customer) process. This means verification of each user and always up-to-date database of people with permission to open the gate. The manager has a full history of entries and exits from the property. There is no risk that an unauthorized person will enter the estate or parking lot – it is simply impossible. No one remains anonymous.


  • Reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution is our environmental mission. We eliminate the search for parking in the city, which also reduces traffic jams. Additionally, we are expanding the network of EV chargers – so that everyone can comfortably travel with their electric car.



Add to this the unification of all parking lots with Share.P, no matter if it’s your home, a paid parking zone, a shopping center, a hotel, an airport or a campground. Everywhere, Share.P’s innovative technology will find its way and make life simpler.


Tell your housing association or property manager today about the possibilities of Share.P. In return, not only will you gain the above-mentioned benefits – you’ll also receive free parking time in Share.P-operated parking lots. Make your daily parking easier, and take care of the planet at the same time – with Share.P


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