Clean air – why is it lacking in cities?

Cars unnecessarily travel thousands of kilometers a year*! And that’s only by searching for a parking space. In doing so, they generate tons of extra CO2, and also increase street  traffic by up to 70%**! ?


Are there really not enough parking spaces in cities? After all, almost every building has parking spaces.  However, private garages are not fully utilized on a daily basis due to lack of technology.


Share.P comes with a solution – making full use of existing infrastructure! All you have to do is share your parking space when it is free. Not only will you get paid for parking, but you will also contribute to cleaner air in cities. ?


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How it works


What are we basing our data on? On facts, of course.

*Tsiaras, C., Hobi, L., Hofstetter, F., Liniger, S., Stiller, B. (2015). parkITsmart: minimization of cruising for parking. 10.1109/ICCCN.2015.7288448

**Cao, J., Menendez, M., & Waraich, R. (2019). Impacts of the urban parking system on cruising traffic and policy development: The case of Zurich downtown area, Switzerland. Transportation, 46(3), 883-908.)


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