Construction of 1000 public chargers in Vienna is now complete

Launched in early 2018, the construction of 1000 public charging points for electric cars in Vienna is now complete! Austria is taking steps to make EV travel possible everywhere ?


Nevertheless, research shows that the most important determinant of whether an EV is more convenient than an ICE is whether you can charge your car at home, preferably overnight. This means that public EV charging stations have pretty much no impact on the decision of purchasing an EV.


In Switzerland, for example, 75% of car owners don’t even own a parking space and have no way to charge an EV at home.


Our innovative solution gives property owners the opportunity backed by a financial incentive to create a grassroots network of public charging points accessible to the majority of customers (including tenants).


Each EV charging point added to Share.P can save an average of FOUR TONS of CO2 emissions per year! ?


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