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EV, PHEV, ICE – what does it mean? Electric vehicle dictionary

More and more often we use shortcuts regarding electromobility. Currently, it is definitely a revolution, everything is happening very quickly and we hear new phrases from every side. Mostly they are simply borrowings from English, but what exactly do they mean? People who do not drive an electric car every day could get lost in the terminology, so Share.P comes to help and presents a glossary of e-mobility.


EV – Electric Vehicle

A generic name for cars powered by electricity. The abbreviation EV is used, among others, on signs informing about the possibility of riding on the bus for electric vehicles and charging stations.


BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle

A vehicle powered solely by an electric motor.


PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A hybrid car, with the ability to charge a small battery, that not only supports the internal combustion engine, but also offers a low range just from the battery. Called a plug-in, plug-in hybrid, or a hard hybrid designation.


HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A vehicle with an internal combustion engine, supported by a small electric motor without charging. The battery charges itself, such as when braking or through the internal combustion engine. Simply called hybrids. There are the largest number of these among all “EVs”.


MHEV – Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A car with an internal combustion engine, supported by a miniature battery usually designed for air conditioning. It is not possible to drive on electricity alone. No need for charging. Commonly called a mild hybrid, used by manufacturers to meet emissions standards.


EREV – Extended Range Electric Vehicle

A vehicle powered by electricity that can additionally be produced from a small internal combustion engine.


FCEV – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Hydrogen powered vehicle.


ICE – Internal Combustion Engine

Standard internal combustion engine cars.


EVSE – Electric Vehicle Service Equipment

An electric vehicle charging station. Used interchangeably with charging point or EV charger, among others. It means the ability to charge itself, it does not necessarily indicate the exact form (fast or slow charging). The abbreviation EVSE is often used to describe a basic charger for a 230V socket.


Universal names are still forming, but we hope we have clarified the specific nomenclature of electric vehicles.


Welcome to the next section on charging stations and types of charging for electrics.


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