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Integration with EV chargers from Enelion!

With the launch of the latest EV charging stations at the EMove360 Europe trade fair in Munich, we also want to announce Share.P compatibility with Enelion! 🥳


We are joining forces to promote e-mobility across Europe! A charger equipped with Share.P solutions becomes a revolutionary and unique feature on the market! From now your home point can be completely controlled on your smartphone. Full integration, including remote gate/barrier opening – from a single app! 📲


Now you can order an AC wallbox together with Share.P!

Feel free to contact us. 😉



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I was not able to believe that parking can be so easy!

Adam Schmid

IT Engineer

Nigdy więcej nie bede musiała płacić za dodatkowego pilota juppi 😉

Anna Lis

Resident in Zurich

Opening garage door with an app, love it, good luck!

Michael Brotzman


Travelling to Zurich and having a chance to book a parking spot before arriving is a time saver!!!

Joan Kendrick