Parking in Jelenia Gora zone

Payments for parking in the paid parking zone should be made in parking machines. You can pay for parking using, among others, contactless payment cards and coins (from 10 groszy to 5 PLN). It is also possible to pay using mobile applications.

The parking machine personalizes the parking ticket by entering the registration number of the vehicle to be charged, using the keyboard. The registration number appears on the printout of the purchased parking ticket.


Parking fees in Jelenia Góra


In the paid parking zone


payment is valid from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:00


  • PLN 0.20 minimum charge for 20 minutes;
  • PLN 1.00 for 40 minutes of parking;
  • PLN 2.40 for the first hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.80 for the second hour of parking;
  • PLN 3.30 for the third hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.40 for the fourth and each subsequent hour of parking.




Subscription for zone residents

  • PLN 60.00 per month;
  • PLN 300.00 semi-annually;


Subscription for a person employed in the zone

  • PLN 200.00 per month;
  • PLN 450.00 per quarter;


Bearer subscription

  • PLN 300.00 per month;


Owners of hybrid vehicles in Jelenia Góra can count on discounts
  • PLN 20.00 for a monthly subscription;
  • PLN 150.00 for an annual subscription;


Subscription card for other entities, who are owners or holders of motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons
  • PLN 300.00 for the period of 1 month;


Zero fees for

  • Marked service vehicles of the City of Jelenia Góra;
  • Vehicles of disabled persons;
  • Electric vehicles;


Additional fees

  • PLN 50.00 for no parking fee;
  • PLN 35.00 for exceeding the parking time.






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