Parking in Montreux – guide

Guide to park in Montreux – on the street and in municipal parking lots


Parking guide contains: ranking, EV charging points, parking areas and paid parking zones.





The cheapest parking spots in Monteux




  • EV charging stations
    • Available on the maps


Table of contents:


Paid parking zones


Parking areas in Montreux 2022



Blue Zones

Parking in the “blue Zones” or blue parking areas in Montreux. Free for a limited time.


The general rules are that you can park Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 18:00.


You can’t stay longer (than the sign indicates) only moving the disc forward is not permitted! You have to leave the parking area and then park again (in new space) – otherwise you may be in for a fine!

You can’t book and be assured of free spot.

❌ Parking lots are not guarded also there is pedestrian traffic around.

❌ You need to have a parking disc.


You may be fined for:

  • Your parking disc not being completely visible (it should be displayed in the front windscreen by the driver’s seat)
  • You haven’t choose correctly the time on the disc clearly
  • You’ve exceed the allowed parking time
  • You’ve changed the arrival time but not moved your car



White zones

Are also limited. The maximum time is indicated by road sings and you need to pay at the closest parking meter.

Some white lines are marked as “Besucher”  for shops or apartments and you are entitled to park in these places if you are visiting those places.


❌ Located on the street, so your vehicle always gets dirty.

❌ Specific, limited stop time.

❌ How far away will you find a vacancy? You really never know.


Can I reserve a spot?

Yes. Application Share.P moves parking places on the street from Blue or White zones to the city’s underground or on private property.

Now you can book your parking area! You don’t have to cruising for parking spaces more! – safe time and money, conveniently with Share.P!


Be sure to have a parking space waiting for you at the scheduled time.

Open the garage door from your smartphone!

✅ Park in the basement, no pedestrians there!

✅ Pay online, without looking and touching a parking meter.

Extend your parking time straight from your smartphone.



Yellow Zones

These are private or reserved for companies and may only be used by them or their clients and guests.

Yellow markings with crosses mean no parking and yellow lines by the side of the road mean no waiting at the roadside. Parking on main roads outside of towns is prohibited.


Paid parking is the norm in Switzerland

especially around popular places like rail stations, hotels and town centers. Even as a hotel guest, you often need to pay for parking separately. Count on CHF 10 to 50 per day. Parking in the larger cities is quite expensive: up to CHF 4 per hour. Rates are very dependent on location, number of hours, indoor or outdoor parking. If you are used to free parking near a shopping center, in Vevey you can pay 6 francs and more for just 2 hours of parking.


Paying is done in several ways:

  • Hotel guests can pay for their parking costs during the check-out procedure.
  • In public parking garages you’ll find machines. Before you leave, you’ll have to enter the parking ticket you received when driving in, and you’ll pay in cash or with debit/credit card.
  • On many parking lots you’ll find parking metres. The older versions require Swiss coins. Many are digital though, allowing you to enter the number of your parking lot and to pay in cash or by debit/credit card.
  • A growing number of parking lots can be paid with mobile apps, linked to your credit card or bank account. You’ll have to enter your parking lot and parking duration. Examples of apps used in Switzerland are Park Now, ParkingPay, EasyPark, Sepp and Twint.


Parking payment methods

  •  only coins
  •  coins and cards
  •  coins, cards, and notes
  •  applications


Whole day ticket

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Parking Palace

170 parking spaces

Parking is open 24/7

Av. Claude Nobs, 1820 Montreux



  • CHF 3.50 for 1 hour till 6hrs;
  • CHF 4.00 for each additional 1 hour;
  • CHF 40.00 for 24 hours;


Maximum vehicle height: 2,15 m



Parking Grand Rue

68 parking lots

open all the time

Grand Rue, 1820 Montreux



Maximum vehicle height: 2,00 m



Parking du Marché-Forum

221 parking lots

open all the time

Grand-Rue, 1820 Montreux



  • CHF 1.00 per 1 hour;
  • CHF 2.00 per 2 hours;
  • CHF 4.00 per 3 hours;
  • CHF 6.00 per 4 hours;
  • CHF 3.00 extra per each additional hour;
  • CHF 35.00 per day;
  • CHF 35.00 for a lost ticket;

Night fee (21:00 – 7:00):

  • CHF 1.00 per hour


Maximum vehicle height: 1,95 m



Photo by TriviaKing at English Wikipedia


Casino Montreux

92 parking spaces

open all the time

Rue du Théâtre 9, 1820 Montreux



  • CHF 2.00 per 40 minutes;
  • CHF 1.00 for each additional 30 minutes;


Maximum vehicle height: 1,70 m


General information:

accessible areas for people with disabilities


Park and Rail Montreux

281 parking spaces

open all the time

Rue de la Gare 22, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland


24/7 rates:

  • CHF 153.00 per 1 month;
  • CHF 1420.00 per 1 year;


Monday to Friday rates:

  • CHF 130.00 per 1 month;
  • CHF 1260.00 per 1 year;




81 parking spaces

open all the time

Rue Carlo-Boller 2, 1820 Montreux



Daily rates 07:00 – 19:00:

  • CHF 1.50 for each 1 hour;

Nightly rates:

  • CHF 1.00 for each 1 hour;



  • CHF 30.00 for 1 day;
  • CHF 60.00 for 2/3 days;
  • CHF 80.00 for 4/5 days;
  • CHF 100.00 for 6/7 days;


Maximum vehicle height: 2,05 m




La Paix

216 parking lots

open continuously

Rue de la Paix, 1820 Montreux



From Monday to Friday between 7:00 – 18:00

Saturday 15:00 – 18:00

Sunday 7:00 – 18:00

  • CHF 0.00 for first 14 minutes;
  • CHF 1.50 for first hour;
  • CHF 3.00 for 2 hours;
  • CHF 5.00 for 3 hours;
  • CHF 2.50 for each additional hour till 5hrs;
  • CHF 3.00 for each additional 1 hour;
  • CHF 47.50 for all day staying;

Saturday between 7:00 – 15:00

  • CHF 0.50 for first 14 minutes;
  • CHF 1.50 for first hour;
  • CHF 3.50 for 2 hours;
  • CHF 5.50 for 3 hours;
  • CHF 2.50 for each additional hour till 5hrs;
  • CHF 3.50 for each additional 1 hour;
  • CHF 49.50 for all day staying;

Night fee from Monday to Sunday 18:00 – 7:00

  • CHF 1.50 for each 1 hour;


  • CHF 100.00 for lost ticket;



Maximum vehicle height: 2,05 m


Marcin Drozd, source:


Marché Forum

334 parking lots

open continuously

Place du Marché 6B, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland



  • CHF 1.00 for first hour;
  • CHF 2.00 for 2 hours;
  • CHF 4.00 for 3 hours;
  • CHF 6.00 for 4 hours;
  • CHF 3.00 for each additional hour;
  • CHF 24.00 for all day staying;
  • CHF 1.00 for every hour at night (19:00 – 7:00);


Maximum vehicle height: 1,95 m





219 parking lots

open continuously

Grand’ Rue, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland


Fee ( 7:00 – 19:00 ):

  • CHF 1.00 for each 40 minutes;

19:00 – 7:00:

  • CHF 1.00 for each 50 minutes;


Maximum vehicle height: 1,95 m