Parking in Tychy zones

Paid parking zone in Tychy has 19 parking meters

Payments can be made on the streets in parking meters via ŚKUP card or cash and in the mobile application. You need to enter the vehicle registration number. The machine only accepts Polish currency in billions.


Parking rates in Tychy


Paid parking zone:


payment is valid from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00
  • PLN 1.00 minimum charge per half hour;
  • PLN 2.00 for the first hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.40 for the second hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.80 for the third hour of parking;
  • PLN 2.00 for the fourth and subsequent hours of parking;




Resident’s card

for residents living in a building adjacent to a paid parking zone.

Resident’s card holder parking outside the area indicated on the card is required to pay for parking on general terms and conditions.


For the first vehicle
  • PLN 15.00 per month;
  • PLN 40.00 per quarter;
  • PLN 75.00 for half a year;
  • PLN 140.00 for one year;
For the second vehicle
  • PLN 20.00 per month;
  • PLN 50.00 per quarter;
  • PLN 80.00 for half a year;
  • PLN 150.00 for one year;


General Access Subscription

entitles you to park in all parking zones in Tychy

  • PLN 50.00 per month;
  • PLN 135.00 per quarter;


Separate parking space reserved on exclusive rights (an envelope)

  • 250,00 zł per month;


Zero fees for


  • Disabled persons driving vehicles or transporting disabled persons on the basis of a valid parking card;
  • Employees of the Municipal Office and organizational units of the City of Tychy using private cars for official purposes – on the basis of IDs issued by the Municipal Road and Bridge Administration;
  • Marked vehicles of the Municipal Police of Tychy;
  • Marked vehicles of the Municipal Police of the City of Tychy: Gas, Heat, Electricity, Water and Sewerage Services – while performing their official duties;
  • Owners of electric vehicles and those whose CO2 emissions do not exceed 100g/km – on the basis of the registration certificate in which there is an entry in item P3 – EE.


Additional fee


  • PLN 50.00 if the fee is not paid.





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