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Press release: The UN will support start-up “Share.P” in solving parking problems in war-stricken Ukraine.

The UN will support tech start-up “Share.P” in solving parking problems in war-stricken Ukraine.

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Lviv, Ukraine © by Orest Oleskiv


Share.P in Lviv, Ukraine (C) by Roman Baluk


Share.P in Lviv, Ukraine (C) by Roman Baluk


Share.P in Lviv, Ukraine (C) by Roman Baluk

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Hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in the city of Lviv in the West of Ukraine, since the war broke out, with some estimates saying the city now has three times as many inhabitants. Most refugees travel in their own cars, with disastrous consequences for the city. An award-winning tech startup Share.P, specializing in IoT solutions for mobility, is going to help Lviv city officials, with the goal of more efficiency. One of the project’s objectives is to optimize existing parking space by using the technology that allows the sharing and reliable reservations of private parking spaces as well as charging stations for electric vehicles.

The cooperation under the patronage of the UN and the Polish Aid is planned until the end of Q2 2023 and can possibly have strong impact on the quality of life in the city during the war and in the subsequent stabilization phase. The intention of the project is to eliminate the need of searching for a parking space, to reduce air pollution, and to increase the safety of parkers (especially women) and general quality of life in the city. Thanks to the proprietary technology, users with valid reservations can open barriers and garage doors with their smartphones, which unlocks the full potential of the existing parking and EV charging infrastructure.

“Pre-war analyses indicated that parking was the number one problem for residents. Now others have come along, including extremely high petrol prices, which have made electric vehicles very popular. Thanks to funding from the Polish Challenge Fund, we will not only create additional charging stations, but we will also broaden the parking market in Lviv, make e-mobility more accessible and create an additional income for many residents – says Maksym Terletsky, deputy director of the City Institute of Lviv.


Share.P is a fast-growing startup born in late 2020, that has developed an innovative plug-and-play proptech solution to optimize urban parking in a sustainable way. By automating the rental process of off-street parking spots, Share.P bring significant financial savings to property owners, fosters the growth of EV charging infrastructure, and relieves urban neighborhoods, eliminating unnecessary hunting for parking spots. With a free mobile app available in 6 languages, anyone can find and pre-book a parking space and EV charging point, then open the barrier or garage door with their smartphone.

Share.P has been repeatedly recognized by international experts, including winning a gold medal in the world finals of the Scaleup Games Birmingham 2022 organized by the UK Department for International Trade, beating nearly 20 innovative technology companies.

“Share.P Lviv – Shared parking and EV charging infrastructure as a smart, democratic and sustainable mobility solution in order to reduce GHG emissions and improve life quality in Lviv”

The project pilots the shared parking system in Lviv and provides governance and business models for scaling it up. It will enable owners of parking spaces (in residential and office buildings, shopping malls etc.) to share them with profit. The free mobile app will allow verified users to search for parking spaces, reserve them in advance, and open the barrier with a smartphone. It will enable building owners to provide shared charging infrastructure. A reliable reservation system can reduce cruising for parking and thus GHG emissions, air pollution and noise.


ShareP Poland PSA

Mateusz Wojdylo, m.wojdylo@sharep.io, +48 722 222 006, +41 78 708 95 88



Lviv City Institute

Maksym Terletsky, maksymterletsky@city-institute.org, +380 67 890 61 53



UNDP – Polish Challenge Fund

Magdalena Kudlicka, magdalena.kudlicka@undp.org, +48 795 550 628





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