SMART parking solutions in a housing estate

Nearly every modern housing estate has limited access.


The most common are parking barriers – which for property managers as well as residents can be problematic. Providing each apartment with at least two remote controls is expensive, and entering the access code each time is annoying over time.


If only there was an App from which any authorized person could remotely open the barrier… without keys, codes, remotes, or a guardian. ?


Share.P for property managers or developers, is simply lower costs – a one-time installation of the module is enough, and the application can be used by everyone, for free. In addition, the verification of each user and the history of entries provides much higher security. When you add to this the possibility of electricity billing (e.g. to charge an EV) on the estate, the property gains value through modern and intuitive smart solutions. ?


Innovative facilities can also reduce the cost of the infrastructure itself! 


Find out what opportunities Share.P offers – and your estate is sure to benefit


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