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Are any electric cars on Polish roads?

Let’s start with the charging issues ⚡️ – while in popular locations there are rather no problems, a trip to further areas may become a challenge.  Hotels or restaurants often choose not to install a charging station for an electric car, because “nobody drives it anyway”… ???


On the other hand, some drivers say they won’t buy an EV or plug-in hybrid car because then there is no way to charge them*.


Despite this, there are already over 28,000 ? electric cars** on Polish roads! But what’s more interesting, by 2025 this number is expected to exceed 350,000! *** This means an increase of 1150%!


To ensure that EVs become a commonplace in Poland, Share.P is working to increase the number of charging stations so that going out of town is no longer a hassle! This is possible through the sharing of private charging stations and increasing the network in remote areas.

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* https://www.wyborkierowcow.pl/polacy-chca-aut-elektrycznych-ale-ich-nie-kupuja-dlaczego/

** https://www.pb.pl/ponad-28-tys-aut-elektrycznych-na-polskich-drogach-1124606

*** https://www.leaseplan.com/corporate/~/media/Files/L/Leaseplan/documents/news-articles/2019/leaseplan-ev-charging-index-report.pdf

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