Parking in Starachowice zone

From the beginning of 2021 Starachowice has a paid unguarded parking zone

Parking meters located on the streets support coins (with denominations ranging from 10 groszy to 5 zloty). It is also possible to pay using a mobile application and pay by card at the parking meter.


Parking rates in Starachowice


Paid parking zone:


payment is valid from Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 18:00
  • PLN 1.00 minimum charge for 30 minutes;
  • PLN 2.00 for the first and each subsequent hour of parking;



  • PLN 120.00 monthly;
  • PLN 330.00 quarterly;
  • PLN 1200.00 annually;


Subscription for residents

  • PLN 25.00 for 12 consecutive months;


Zero fees for


  • electric vehicles;
  • holders of a parking card within the meaning of the act, issued to a disabled person, if a vehicle marked with a parking card is parked in a place designated for such vehicles
  • cab drivers within their designated parking spaces between D-19 (cab rank) and D-20 (cab rank end) signs or while waiting for a customer, but not longer than 10 minutes
  • motorcycles;
  • hybrid vehicles;
  • permanent, externally marked vehicles of emergency services such as electricity, water and sewage, gas, heating, municipal waste management, municipal police of the City of Starachowice, provincial and municipal emergency management services;


Additional fee


  • PLN 50.00 for not paying the parking fee;
  • PLN 30.00 if payment is made on the next business day.





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